introduction to phonetics

Sounds of English

These Powerpoint presentations are intended for classroom use and summarise the main points in the Introduction to the Sounds of English available on the main English page, with the exception of the unit on stress and intonation. The page references are to that introduction and answers to the exercises are included.. The phonetic symbols on this page and in the Powerpoint files will not display properly unless the silipa93 font is installed on your computer. In most cases, the installation will have to be repeated each time your computer is turned on but the process only takes a few seconds.  On a few computers the installationwill not be possible and with some browsers the symbols may not appear properly on the web page even though they display in the normal way inside Word or Powerpoint files:



Download File


Download File

Introduction to the relationship between sounds and letters and to the terms `vowel’ , `consonant’ and `syllable’, plus the distinction between stop, fricative and nasal consonants. Complete table of the symbols for English sounds.


Download File

The front  vowels i: and I (page 4)


Download File

The consonants and z and revision exercise (page 5)


Download File

Front vowels and plus practice with final stop consonats (page 6, teaching notes)


Download File

Back vowels u:  and U  (page 7)


Download File

Answers to the revision exercise on page 8


Download File

Back vowels :  and  (page 9) and answers to quiz in the teaching notes


Download File

Back vowel A: and central vowels Î:, «,  à (page 10)


Download File

Revision exercises on page 11


Download File

The sounds and (page 12)


Download File

The sounds f, v and w (page 13)


Download File

Revision exercises on page 14


Download File

The sounds tS anddZ  (page 15)


Download File

The sounds m, n and N (page 16)


Download File

The sounds T, D  and j  (page 17)


Download File

Revision exercises on page 18


Download File

A battery of examples for revision of all the simple vowels and consonants, together with an introduction to the diphthongs eI, aI and I


Download File

Diphthongs aU and «U


Download File

Diphthongs I«,  e« and  U«  

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