cetak ulang buku READING Pak Faizal


berikut ini adalah ringkasan isi buku keren yang akan dicetak  kedua kalinya bulan depan an tentu saja penjelasannya dalam bahasa Inggris:

  If you know what a fluent reader looks like, it seems logical that you’d know the characteristics of a non-fluent reader. However, students who have reading problems with fluency aren’t necessarily the exact opposite of students who can read fluently. Just like fluent readers, non-fluent reading problems have uniquely identifying characteristics. A non-fluent reader:

 • reads slowly and with difficulty, both orally and silently

. • doesn’t use expression and intonation when he reads out loud.

 • is unable to see and process more than one word at a time.

 • decodes words sound-by-sound rather than by phonemes or context. In other words, non-fluent readers frequently rely on phonics as their sole reading strategy

. • doesn’t always self-correct when something sounds wrong. Instead non-fluent readers often…

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