best friends in islamic perspective

brother in islam
Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb
Dear My Students,At This Precicious Moment I’d Like To Discuss About “Best Friend In Islam”
At First, Let’s Discuss the Meaning Of The Phrase “Best Friend”
What’s “Best” And what’s “Friend”?
If We Look Up At Dictionary “Best” Can Be Defined As “Better Than All Others In Quality Or Value”, The Highest Quality, The Most Outstanding.”
Whereas “Friend” Can Be Defined As “A Person Attached One Another By Feelings Of Affection Or Personal Regard” Or “A Person Who You Like And Enjoy Being With”
After Knowing This; Let’s Think About Our Friends. Are All Of Them Our Best Friends?
In My Own Opinion There Are Two Types Of Friend: Normal Friend And Best Friend.
Normal Friend Is A Friend With Normal Relation. We Just Have A Good Relation And Regard But It Is Not Very Close. Whereas Best Friend Is A Friend That We Know, Like And Trust.
One Man Of Letters Says, “A Friend Is A Shoulder To Cry On”- A Friend That We Can Count On When We Are In Trouble Or In Deep Sadness.
Dear My Students, After Discussing About The Phrase “Best Friend” I’d Like To Tell You About “Best Friend In Islam”
Let’s Figure Out Together what’s “Best Friend In Islam”?
According To Hadith/The Saying Of Our Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H/Peace Be Upon Him There Are Three Characteristics Of Best Friends
The First, a Person That When You Close To Him You Remember Allah
The Second, A Person That When You Close To Him You Are Able To Enrich, Add Or Enhance Your Knowledge Of Islam.
The Third, a Person That When You Close To Him You Remember Afterlife/Here After/Akherat.
Last But Not Least , One Ulema Said That Best Friend Is The One Who Warns Or Remind Us When We Forget Allah Or Being In Ma’syiat/Bad Deeds.
In Conclusion, Best Friend In Islam Is Badly Needed And Please Choose The One That Invite And Bring Us To Enter Paradise Or Jannah
Ok, That’s All, Thanks For Your Attention
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb


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