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Dear all netters
zaman moderen memungkinkan akses teknologi tanpa batas.the world is flat. kita bisa mendapatkan info tanpa pergi dari meja kita. termasuk skripsi makers atau mahasiswa yang kalo bikin makalah dalam kondisi injury time atau waktunya memepet maka kopas sana sini padahal itu ngga baik ya mas bro.
liat kutipan ini ya:

Academic integrity is the key principal followed to the dot by all educational institutions. Academic honesty goes hand in hand with academic integrity and requires 100% novelty in studies and writing. However, with tons of information around, it’s easy to get lost. And a slight oversight of paraphrasing, copy/pasting, inaccurate citation, and other cases of unintentional plagiarism can lead to mischievous results.

untuk itu aku coba iseng cari file essay mahasiswa dgn tulisan ini:

E-Voting, the right way in Pilkada

Nowadays, Existence the election of territorial leader (Pilkada) by populace are became pros and contras all sort sides. It caused by donation for it so great. Forum Indonesia untuk Transparansi Anggaran (FITRA) said that for donation of Pilkada level need 25 billion in regency and 100 billion in province. It means that need 17 quintillion for donation of Pilkada in Indonesia.
In the other side, if Pilkada back to DPR can minimalize the donation. But, it can make impression in DPR position that higher from Territorial Leader. As a result, many deposed cases of Terrritorial Leader because political reasons.
Thus, a fresh wind came in political world with E-Voting. The system of E-Voting is one of self development that practiced in several countries like Australia, Brazil, Estonia, Filipine, Hindi, Italy, and France.
“ E-Voting is a general election in the future and became a global trend. Using an electric election will be thrift donation and fast like use an E-Banking transaction,” said the Director of IndoStrategi, Andar Nubowo.
The advantages of E-Voting is easy, interest, and fast. It can developing partisipant in Pilkada. In adition, E-Voting is thrift on paper, the donation of dispatch, and didn’t use guarding many agency of security in great quantity.
Even, there is several place that use E-Voting system. That is Boyolali regency and Bantaeng Regency for Village level, And then Jembrana for district level with touch screen. They are helped by IT professional staff from State University or government like BPPT.
But, E-Voting existence absolutely must be with modern technology. It remember that Indonesia is large area and have to fair treath. Several training and lighting are important to do. So that didn’t missunderstanding between them.
According to me, E-Voting is a right way in aplication the law of Pilkada that disorganized. It is better for government to focus on preparing E-Voting now than complicating the status of Pilkada. Because the maximal preparation will give maximal result too.


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