a funny code mixing

This bengi, the mendung is gumandul on the sky. The gluduks sound jlegar jleger like mercon. The lightning mak klelap many times. My memean is miber up to my window because kesebul the wind. The trees

geal-geol also almost fall. The rain sound kemrocok nang nduwure roof, it is very danger. Now I’m afraid celingukan alone while crying” in my room. I miss u so much my junjungan heart. Instead of lholhak-lholhok alone, I heard sound of klenengan, I’m getting curigo, I’m checked it out …. damn, it was hot wedang jae, I’m running jumpalitan through wedang jae seller, then I call him sak mug beg, then I sruput it until entek, now I’m heavily mbleneg.

Let’s ngguyu sek yuk Hwahahaha …

After reading the example ‘JavEnglish’, I’m sure that you know what is the ‘JavEnglish’, right?
Yeah, JavEnglish is Java +English. So you can express your JavEnglish now .
This bengi


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