The Ten Most Difficult Questions Asked by Bule

Written by :Ferret:

The Ten Most Difficult Questions Asked by Bule
Few nights ago I can’t sleep, I were trying to but eventually I gave up
So, past midnight, insomniac me & had nothing to do, I turned my radio on. It turned out to be that one local radio station was discussing bule. It was quite interesting and funny actually. In one section, they gave a trivia, named 10 most difficult question asked by bule. I thought it would be interesting if I share it here and you guys could try to answer it

so here we go

10. “Why is everybody in a hurry?”
context: you give your bule friend a ride in jakarta and people constantly cut in front of them in traffic

9. “Why do you still live with your parents?”
context: you are 25 years old

8. “Can you teach me how to say R?”
R indonesian version

7. “Why do you call me BULE?”

6. “What is OJEK in english?”

5. “Is this Kampong?”
context: your bule friend ask you when you use shortcut (jalan tikus)

4. “Why are we not moving?”
context: you and your bule friend in a public transport (angkot). you wanna answer “ngetem”

3. “Why would anyone in the world would give its son’s name booty man (budiman)?”

2. “What’s the different between ‘Ya iyalaah’ and ‘Ya iyadoong’?”

1. “What are you eating?”
context: you treat your bule friend otak-otak

[I found it in internet and the question is similar to what was broadcasted in the radio station. credit to pandji pragiwaksono as the original writer of the article]
taken from : KASKUS ENGLISH FORUM  🙂  ^_^  ^_^V


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