1.    Kadir     : Akhi Rustam, please meet Marno, my  new classmate.

Akhi Marno, , this is Rustam, my close friend.

Rustam    : How do you do?

Marno     : ………

a.    How are you ?                b. how do you do?       c.    hello, I’m Marno.                d. are you Rustam?

2.    Miss Enny     : ……….

Nuri        : My Name is Nuri. Ma’am

a.    How are you?         b. How do you do?   c.    What is your name?            d. Are you Nuri

3.    Hasim        : is this your pencil?

Kadir           : Yes, it’s …. Pencil.

  1. Your      b. My        c. Mine         d. their

Hello my friends. My name is Rustam Hidayat. You can call me Rustam. I’m a student of  Madrasah Tsanawiyah  5. I’m in the first year. I live on Jalan Serka Marimin, Magelang. I was born on the first of January 1998, in Cimahi. My father is Mr. Rahmad and Mrs. Muslimah  is my mother. They are teachers. I’m happy to meet you. Thank you.

4.    Where does Rustam Hidayat live ?

a.    On Jalan Anita, Bandung         b.In Cimahi  c.    On Jalan Serka Marimin, Magelang    d. In Semarang

5.    Where is Rustam Hidayat was born?

a.    In Cimahi       b.On Jalan Serka Marimin  c.    In Magelang                d. In Semarang

6.    Where does he go to school?

a.    Madrasah Tsanawiyah  5 the second year  c.    In the first year              d. In Semarang

7.    What is Rustam Hidayat’s father?

a.    Mr. Rahmad          b.a lecturer   c.    A teacher                    d. a doctor


My name is Siti. I live in a small village. There are many people live in my village. There are teachers, a mechanic, ajournalist, a guided and farmers.

Mr. Budi and Mr. Tarjo are teachers. Mr. Budi teches English in SMP 8. Mr. Tarjo seaches Geography in SMA 5. Mr. Badri is a mechanic. He works in workship. Mr. Tanaka is a journalist. He works for SOLO POS. Mr. Harahap is a guided. He work for Shinta Travel Agency.


8.    I live in a small village. What does “I” refer to?

a.    Siti                     b. The reader   c.    The teacher                d. people

9.    Does Mr. Badri work for Shinta Travel Agency?

a.    Yes, he does        b. yes, he is     c. No, he doesn’t                d. No, he is not

10.    What does Mr. Harahap do?

a.    He work in Shinta Travel Agency    b. he is a guided     c. He works as a guided in travel        d. he works asjournalist

11.    Salsa    : Is that boy your brother?

Haris    : Yes, ……. Is.

a.    He                   b.It     c. She                    d. she is

12.    Adam        : Are you Mr. John Smith?

Mr. Smith    : Yes, ……

a.    I’m                  b.he is       c.    You are                    d. she is

13.    There is …… book on the table …. Book is blue.

a.    An. A              b. the, a          c.  A, the                    d. the, the

14.    I have ….. umbrella. Take it if you need!

a.    a                      b.The       c.    an                         d. some


My Boarding School

My  Islamic Boarding school or “Pesantren”  is on Agus Salim Street. It is not far from the stadium on Tennis Street. The Boarding school has twelve classroom. There is also a laboratory, a Islamic library, and a computer room.

In the Boarding school yard, there are two big trees near the Al-Huda Mosque. The Boarding school has a canteen for all of the santri. They  can buy food and drinks there.


15.    What fasilities does the Boarding school have?

a.    A laboratory, Islamic library, and computer

b.    A laboratory, Islamic library, a canteen, and a computer

c.    A laboratory, Islamic library, and a room

d.    Islamic library, a library, and a canteen

16.    What is on Agus Salim Street?

a.    Stadium          b.Tennis court      c. My Islamic Boarding school                    d. Basketball yard

17.    How many classroom does the school have?

a.    10              b. 11   c.    12                        d. 13

18.    Where can  All the santri  buy the food and drinks?

a.    At the restaurant           b.At the Pesantren  canteen   c.  at the yard                    d. At the library




To all Japanese Club member, please gather after school at the meeting room




19.    The kinds of notice is found in a …..

a.    Café         b.School   c.    Hotel                     d. restaurant

20.    From the notice above we know that …..

a.    The club members should gather at the meeting room

b.    The club members should gather after school

c.    The meeting is not only for Japanese club members

d.    The coordinators should gather after school


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