material and assignment of KKI Studs of year 2010

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

dear all my students

on this occasion I’d like to share my experience of translating Arabic into English terms. as I have told you via my lecture entitled translating culture and UNTRANSLATABILITY that there are two problems of getting best translation: Linguistic translation and Cultural translation. here are some of confusion and challenging problems I’ve found:
do you think these translation are belong to correct best translation?:
1. jihad = holy war
2. zakaat = holy tax
3.kitaab: books

4. shalat=prayer

5. Shari’ah =divine path ( why don’t we translate it as

  • “the Muslim code
  • the path to the Divine
  • the Muslim code of conduct
  • the Muslim code of practice “)?

some of the above translation can easily be found of an anti islam sites like:,, forum murtadin kafirun and a bunch of demo-Crazy-showing-foolishness sites. IMHO, it’s better for us to see the better translation on these links :Glossary of Islam , Glossary of Islamic terms and

Ok, my dear students, I’ll give the elaboration and discussion on the next meeting and this is your assignment.

please make a frequent reading of this islamic text reading entitled:hadrat-khansa-radhiyallaho-anha-exhorts-hers-ons-to-bravery or just clink this one for downloading ms-word file hadrat khansa rodliyaLLAHU anha
best regards

Pak Faizal .web. id


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