Credit 2 SKS

 Purpose of the Study:

The Students are intended to understand literary theories and have the competence of making the analysis towards the elements and values of literary works of arts.


Topics of Discussion

1 The scope of Literary Appreciation: What is literature? Why do we need to study Literature? Kinds of literary genres: prose, poetry and drama.
2 Introduction to Prose
3 Elements of prose
4 Prose analysis
5 Introduction to poetry
6 The use of figurative language in poetry
7 Elements of poetry : imagery
8 Poetry analysis
9 Introduction to drama
10 Elements of drama
11 Drama analysis
12 Mosf famous British and American man of letters
13 The use of various approach in literary analysis (psychological, sociological, philosopical approach)

Suggested Reading :
Stanton ,Robert.1965. An Introduction to Fiction. New York. Holt, Rinehart and Winston,Inc.

Little, Graham. 1970. Approach to Literature. Sydney.Science Press.

Siswantoro.2002.Apresiasi Puisi-puisi Sastra Inggris. Surakarta. UMS Press.



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