At first we should say thank to Allah Rabbul Izzat who has given us so many ni’mah. HE has given us the ni’mah of wealth, health and Iman. We know that the smallest iman Allah SWT will give Jannat ten times than this world. Iman is the most valuable and the most precicious one. It is why Hadrat Muhammad SAW day and night always makes Fikr of his ummah and make strong efforts how his ummah can obtain strong iman and Yaqin towards Allah SWT.
So, My dear brother, Let’s make fikr how the essence of Iman enter in our heart and all the human beings in this world until the day of Qiyamah. In hadits it is said: one moment make fikr of Deen is better than sixty years or seventy years of ibaadat nafilah.

Every body make intention/niyat – InsyaAllah!


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