Patterns and kinds of sentence in English

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Berikut ini adalah ringkasan tentang “patterns and kinds of sentence in English”. I hope this can make us have a deeper understanding of basic English grammar.

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1 (S+P) 1 a single noun as subject Morning breaks

Birds sing.

Ria gets lost.

Fay ahmed  goes out.

2 pronoun as subject It breaks.

They sing

She gets lost.

He goes out.

3 a noun phrase as subject The beautiful morning breaks

The colorful birds sing

These parrots talk

The participants sit down

2 (S+P+C) 1 verb complement Pak bejo  buys flower for bu bejo
2 predicative complement The girl is beautiful

The kids are sick

The boys were scared

I feel better

He becomes old.

3 subjective complement Soeharto is the second president of indonesia.

My wife is my best lover.

Andi is the most frightening uncle.

4 objective complement The man names his son joko bodo

I think you a robber.

We elect him as the leader.

3  (S+P+M) a modifier tells the time, place, or manner the action of the subject. very often, it is a prepositional phrase.a prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun. Denny proudly watches the newborn chicks.

The baby chicks are already walking.

Soon the egss will hatch.

She lives in solo.

She is here.

It is five o’clock.

4 S+P+C+M this pattern is the most complex one among others, because it is made up of all the elements of the sentence. The parents gave their children food and Clothes yesterday

There is a man in the room.

There are many students in the class

He becomes the head of the family soon.

I always enjoy going to the show

mau donwload text dalam ms word: BASIC SENTENCE PATTERN IN ENGLISH
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1 SIMPLE SENTENCE S(SUBJECT)+V(VERB)+O(OBJECT)+A(ADVERB)+C(COMPLEMENT).In the predicate of simple sentence there is only one main verb. A simple sentence may consist of two or three words or longer than that. Beside, it may also have two subjects but one verb or one subject and two verbs. E.g a man and a woman worked in the field. A man atta ncked and robbed the rich lady. SV I laughed
SVA He is in the class
SVC He is an engineer
SVO The child caught the ball
SVOO People choose him president
SVOC My parent make me happy
SVOA I watched tv last night
2 COMPOUND SENTENCE When two simple sentences are joined by a conjuction like and, but, or/nor, so , yet they are called compound sentence. therefore, these sentences have two independent/main clause.



Main clause                                    conjuction                 main clause

The girl went out                               and                     the baby cried

EXPRESSING TIME:afterward, at the same time, meanwhile ,etc. He is the rector of the university; at the same time, his wife is the dean of the department of literature
To express addition: in addition, equally important,moreover, furthermore He is an intelligent student; moreover, he has the funds to finance his study abroad
To express result: for this/for that reason, apparently, consequently, etc. He has a lot of program ; for this reason he can not attend his sister’s wedding party.
To express difference/contrast: however, in contrast, in spite of this, on the contrary, on the other hand, etc Many people in big ciites in indonesia live in luxurious life, on the contrary, many people live in the village living in poverty.
3 Complex sentence

Complex sentence

2 Clauses

Main clause/sub clause     conjuction           sub clause/main clause

The machine didn’t work    when           I wanted to use it.

When I wanted to use it,                      the machine didn’t work.

To express time: when,whenever, while, since, after, before, as, etc. He had finished his homework before he left the house
To express place: where,whenever They spread the seeds where the soil is fertile.
To express cause and effect:because,since Prices increase since demand for consumer goods is high.
To express condition: if,whether I will write a book if it benefits the students
To express contradiction: although,eventhough,etc Although indonesisa is an agricultural country, we still have to import many farm products.
4 COMPOUND –COMPLEX SENTENCES Such sentences contain two or more main clauses and one or more dependent/sub clauses. 1.While I was walking down fifth avenue, I ran into a friend whom I hadn’t seen for many years,and I stopped to have a good chat with him.

2.  the man stole the jewelry and he hid it in his house until he could safely get out of town.

mau donlot versi ms wordnya klik ini ya :KINDS OF SENTENCES IN ENGLISH


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