NO IFFY SENTENCES Meaningful Iffy Meaningless
1 I’m sorry I’m not here.
2 Ring Mary, her husband used to be Malaysian.
3 She made me a father.
4 Shut up so I can hear you!
5 All my friends are priests but I don’t have any friends.
6 He made me a mother.
7 She’s got twin sisters who are a year older than she is.
8 Too much is not quite enough.
9 Could I have a little less water in my coffee please?
10 He didn’t want to have his bath again.
11 The woman who has two studies always does her best work in the other one.
12 I am angry with him for having what I gave him.
13 Oh God, may I be alive when I die!

NO IFFY SENTENCES Meaningful Iffy Meaningless
1 Well, the man’s broken all his legs
2 My toothbrush is pregnant again
3 When we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you
4 These ideas have been asleep for several years now.
5 It’s going to be tomorrow soon.
6 I don’t want him to get into the water until he has learnt to swim.
7 Write down three things you don’t know about the other person.
8 I’ve lost my umbrella here and it isn’t even mine.
9 He knows everything and he’s not interested in anything else.
10 Britain’s roads are becoming less dangerous but more deadly
11 I forbid you to go out again if you don’t come back.
12 Death, be not proud because you shall die soon!
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