Is there any tragedy which is sadder more than losing our most precicious possession in our life? I think there is no painful experience except losing our lovely first child. Eventhough It has elapsed seven years ago, I still remember it as my worst memorable drama in real life. On the next paragraphs you’ll know why I say, “I hope there is no tears in Heaven”.
On the Saturday night 23rd March of 2002 I had brought my pregnant wife to the local state hospital. It was the most thrilling moment for me since I would have my first child. This experience exite me as I have never been exited before. But I had a feeling of worry since before I brought my wife to the hospital her fetal membrane had leaked. I have called a doctor and he said if in the time of six hours my wife had’not gave birth there would be a serious and dangerous thing would happen to my child.
Fortunately, I met one of my neighbor who have been working as a nurse at that hospital for several years. She said that there was no problem of about my wife pregnancy and she promised me to call the gynacology’s doctor and gave the best treatment. I just believed her and all the treatment of medical staffs in that hospital. I just hope that everything would be fine and my first lovely child would be born in a good healthy condition. I just waited and waited that thrilling but confusing moment all night long.
The dark night passed and then the day time came but there was a weird phenomenon. I didn’t see a single gyneacology’s doctor in that hospital. I did not know and I do not want to know where they were since I one hundred percents believed in their professionalism. Then, that saddest moment came when my wife had lack the volume of her fetal membrane and we did not know that our baby was in disstress condition. A very serious, chronic, worse condition for our baby. Then, suddenly the doctor appeared in this hospital and met me outside the child birth room. Coldly he said that my baby was dead and nothing could be done to help him. At that time I was so angry to this bastard wicked doctor that nearly I would hit his face. But I tried hard to be calm and postponed my intention. My baby was died and nothing could be done to help him. Yes,It’s true that nothing could be done. Sometimes I wish I were a miillionaire or a billionaire. In my thought If this dream came true it will not enlive my dead first child on my whole life. Yes, it’s true that nothing could be done. But where are the doctor when my child needed his help? Is this our foolishness as parents who easily believed Indonesian freaky bad Ignoramus doctor or it is our pure foolishness of letting our child dead before he was born? This is the saddest moment for me and for years I have tried to forget it. I just try to contemplate the positive teaching of that tragedy that occured at Sunday morning 8 o’clock at 24th March of 2002. I hope there is no tears in Heaven.



  1. its a very sad memory.
    maklum, kita tinggal di negara y sakit parah. sy jg pernah mengalami penanganan medis y sangat tdk beres.
    its difficult 2b forgotten but at least you can proceed ur life. b tough

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