SYLLABUS untuk mata kuliah ESP

Subject : English For Specific Purposes
Department: English Department
Program :Strata 1 (S-1)
Credit : 3 Credit

Purpose of The Study :

The Students are intended to understand any models, designs, methods, and evaluation tools for English Specific Purposes in order to design project out line.
Topics and Reading Assignments :
1. Introduction to the course : Whats is ESP
2. The origin; The Development of ESP; ESP : Approach not product.
3. Language and Description.
4. Theories of Learning
5. Needs analysis
6. Mid Term Exam
7. Approaches to course design
8. The Syllabus
9. Materials Evaluation
10. Materials Design
11. Methodology
12. Evaluation
13. The Role of Esp Teacher : Orientation
14. Final Exam
Requirements :
1. The Student must read any related literatur to enrich certain abilities on ESP.
2. The Students are suggested to take part in class discussion actively to take broad understanding on the given lecture.
3. The Students must read any realted journal to give broad understanding of the ESP.
4. Please submit your assignment on time.
Assessment :
You will be graded from A through D map out as follows :
Class Works and Participation : 15%
Mid Term Exam : 30%
Final Exam : 30%
Project : 25%
Suggested Reading :
1. Hutchinson, Tom. And Alan Waters. 1990. English For Specific Purposes: A Learning-Centered Approach. Csmbridge University Press: New York.
2. Dubin, Fraida. 1986. Course Design : Development Programs and Materials for Language Learning. Cambridge University Press.
3. Subyato-Nababan, Sri Untari. 1993. Metodologi Pengajaran Bahasa. PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Jakarta.
4. Prof. Dr. IskandarWassid. 2008. Strategi Pembelajaran Bahasa. PT Remaja Rosdakarya. Jakarta.
5. Little Wood, William. 1981. Communicative Language Teaching. Cambridge Iniversity Press. London
6. Woodward, Tessa.1999. Planning Lessons and Courses. Cambridge University Press.


15 thoughts on “SYLLABUS untuk mata kuliah ESP

  1. Sebetulnya Pak fay tu ga pelit kasih nilai..asalkan rajin masuk (ga pernah mbolos), aktif di kelas, akhlaqnya baek, rajin ngumpulin assignment/tugas dan bener nggarape bukan cuman kopi pastas dari internet, trus mid semester dan final exam ngerjainnya bener insyaAllah nilai-nilainya akan bagus…
    kemaren nilai yang aku beri 3,3 karena ya syarat-syarat di atas ga dipenuhi…objectivity is my greatest consideration…

  2. maksudnya ngajar yang kemaren semester 7 angkatan 2005 paling tinggi nilainya 3,3 ini masih mending ada dosen lain yang ngajar teaching methodology ngasih nilai tertinggi cuman 2,8. itupun sudah dikatrol dari kehadiran, keaktifan dan tugas dikelas kalo ngga bisa lebih rendah dari nilai itu…
    best regards
    fay ahmed

  3. hi.nice to see your smiling face…. can u help me? ku mau cari sources but mata kuliah ESP(english spesific purpose)…^_^

  4. ESP is English for specific Purposes. it is quite different with the general English who consider english learners in general into the categories of elementary, intermediate, advance etc. the simple examples are; english for medical studies, english for teaching, english for industrial engineering, english for pilot/aviation etc…

  5. ESP is really really…New for me, Would U like to help me, about the Course DEsign of ESP, Application the ESP, and the Implementation of the ESP in a class Please,….. Thanks thousands piece 4 kindness.

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